Problem updating the Potato Streams app? Read carefully…

Please update your Potato Streams, Longball and Midfield applications to the latest version. If you already have the update working on your phone please ignore this message.

To know your app version, please click on the 3 horizontal line at the top left of home screen and then click on the app version. If you have the latest update please ignore this message otherwise Please UPDATE NOW!

How To Update Potato Streams

A lot of the lads have already updated the application to latest version, but we have noticed that a few of you are having trouble with the update process for various reasons. Here, we will try to explain what you should do in case you are having trouble updating:

1: Please enable the “download from unknown sources” option on your android device. Most of you can find this in the Security section of your phone settings.

This has to be done because we don’t have our application listed in the Google Play Store (For Obvious Reasons) that you have to download the apk version of the app.

Note: As you know, to download the apk version of any application, you have to enable the installation from unknown sources option in your mobile. This should help!

2: If step 1 doesn’t help, please open the “application manager” in your device. The “application manager” can be found in the “settings” of your device. Once you’ve opened the “application manager”, please locate the Midfield/Potato Streams/Longball app. Once you do, click on the app and you will find the “Permissions” setting.

  • Open the “Permissions” setting and enable the storage options.
  • This has to be done because the apk version is downloaded on the phone which requires storage permission. Again, because we are not listed on Google Play Store, this step has to be implemented.

Still no Progress? Read on…

3: If that doesn’t help, another step you can take is to visit the “storage” settings in your phone and check the space available in your device. It can be that your device doesn’t have the required space to update the app, in which case you will have to clear some memory space.

4: The most neglected step of all, please check your internet connection or try switching your wifi/internet. We have noticed that half of the time it’s the dodgy internet connections that are responsible for the troubles and issues.

I still can’t update Potato Streams Nothing worked for me!

If you are still having problems updating the application, you can click on this link and download the updated Potato Streams application. This will work perfectly for you:

Download Potato Streams

  • If you want to use updated LONGBALL app, you can download by clicking this link Download link:
  • If you want to use the updated MIDFIELD app, you can download it by clicking this link: MIDFIELD

All 3 of these apps are same so it doesn’t matter which one you are using, as long as you have 1 of them!

Thank You for reading this!


  1. Unknown said:

    I would like DERBY country as my team

    September 23, 2018
  2. Unknown said:

    Can't get the app to work on kindle fire hd. It downloads but won't open properly. Any ideas?

    September 27, 2018
  3. Unknown said:

    Will it work for I phone ?

    September 30, 2018
  4. Rodderz said:

    App works fine on my phone so many many thanks. Have just installed to Amazon firestick but when clicking on sign in with Google (initial screen) a pop up at bottom of screen tells me to please reinstall app from
    Have done this several times but regrettably no success.
    Can you help?

    February 27, 2019
  5. Doug said:

    I have the same issue

    March 8, 2019

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