Missing Carabao Cup on TV: Potato Streams Can Help

The EFL Cup, or the Carabao Cup as it is now known, returns this midweek. There are several high profile fixtures in store for the fans. Some of these games are blockbusters already due to the attached narrative. Others like West Everton vs Leicester City are huge too. The Carabao Cup on tv is set to skip on some important fixtures, but you will find most of them live on Potato Streams.

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carabao cup on tv
No Carabao Cup on TV? Get it now on Potato Streams.

The fixtures of the Carabao

– Aston Villa vs Liverpool
– Everton vs Leicester City
– Oxford United vs Manchester City
– Manchester United vs Colchester

Carabao Cup on TV: Important Note for fans in the UK/USA:

The games of the 4th round will not be broadcast on any tv channel in the US. Hence, your only hope is to stream it with the ESPN+ service. However, if you can’t stream it with ESPN+, you will find the streams for all Carabao Cup games on tv with Potato Streams. Do not miss out on football because it is not being broadcast.

Broadcast rights for Carabao Cup on tv in the UK are with Sky Sports, with select games being shown on tv. For the ones not being broadcast, you can enjoy them with Potato Streams. Available for both Android and iOS devices.

Potato Stream Premium

We are delighted to announce that we have also launched a Premium version of the Potato Streams app.

While the Potato Streams app will always remain free, we have to rely on advertisements to sponsor us and help us stay afloat.

However, on Potato Streams Premium, you can watch the game ad-free on an extremely reliable and high definition link and it also works on firestick and android boxes. Click this link to learn more.


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