Boxing Day: Every Bloke’s Guide to Premier League Festivities

Come December, a run of four games in 11 days waits the managers of the Premier League sides. The managers may not be quite as excited as some of the fans but they understand the importance of getting through the tough ordeal of Boxing Day football.

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Boxing Day-Fixtures
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If a team comes out the other side of this gruelling schedule unscathed, they are either very lucky or very potent. The Premier League blog thinks a very entertaining number of goals will be scored. All of these games will be available live to the users of our live sports streaming app, FYI.

Why Boxing Day Football Fixtures are important in our Football culture

On December 26, every Premier League side will be in action, so plenty of football will be played on the Boxing Day. While there may be less top billing Boxing Day fixtures this time around, there is certainly no doubt about the entertainment on offer. What more can you ask for the next day to Christmas.

There are different claims around the source of this one day gaining such footballing importance, but it sure is an extravaganza. One particularly famous story is from the first World War. You don’t want to miss any of these fixtures, which will all be live on Potato Streams. However, some of these might be more important to you than others, so let’s have a list of them.

Brighton v Arsenal
Burnley v Everton
Crystal Palace v Cardiff City
Fulham v Wolves
Leicester City v Man City
Liverpool v Newcastle United
Man Utd v Huddersfield Town
Southampton v West Ham
Spurs v AFC Bournemouth
Watford v Chelsea

Last year, half the adults in Britain went shopping on Boxing Day, so some of you must be in the stores buying new televisions, which is probably the time when you’ll miss the live football on tv. Potato Streams can be a godsend at such a time, with all the games live in the app. Without any subscription charges. So you should get the app if you are going to be out and about.

Boxing Day Fixture Specials:

Brighton v Arsenal:

The Seagulls will host Unai Emery’s Arsenal. Arsenal are in red hot form in the league right now, but there are stories about Arsenal and December. It is rarely kind to the gunners. So it will be an interesting game to watch in the festive fixture list this year. How the new gunners story unfolds in December, sans Wenger!

Burnley v Everton:

Turf Moor, where Sean Dyche has been able to bring solid Premier League creds will be visited by the Toffees. The Blues want to build this season for a bigger future. Burnley can be the good old English test for Silva’s men.

Leicester City v Manchester City:

This one is simple, it’s Riyad Mahrez’s new pals visiting his old ones. Only these new ones are more slick and suave, what with their bald boss and all. Will Vardy and boys feel inferior? Watch it unfold live on Potato Streams, where you can watch all football streams with ease.!

Liverpool v Newcastle United:

It is good that the magpies have to visit Anfield for this one. It is fitting. There are no two thoughts about this game of football being anything but one sided. Newcastle are currently winless in 9, sitting pretty at the very deep end of the table. There will be no hiding their fate at the end of this season after Klopp is done with them.

Manchester United v Huddersfield Town:

Will Jose Mourinho be the boss by this game? Perhaps yes. Will he stay on after the festive fixtures are done? Maybe. To know for sure, don’t miss this one wherever you are. Potato Streams can help you watch it on your phone itself. Even if you are out with friends or shopping deals.

Spurs v Bournemouth:

Maybe Tottenham will finally move to the new stadium they are building, but they are only 2 points off the top after 9 games. Maybe Spurs will make a move for the top, or lack of depth may hurt them when the fixtures come thick. Watch every Spurs game for some Harry Kane awesomeness, on Potato Streams.

Watford v Chelsea:

Watford maybe punching above their weight right now, but can they do it after Christmas? Chelsea are not far off the top themselves and this duration of games will very much make it clear how close they will go. Watch out!

All of these games promise lots of goals and great stories. If you can’t visit the game or will miss the broadcast, get Potato Streams.

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