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The NBA has been making quick gains on the NFL in terms of broadcasts. The patrons of the game are a majority in the 18-49 age group. In total, about 2 million people watch an average NBA game these days on their television sets. These young people though, sometime may not be able to afford the packages on offer by ESPN/TNT and hence need an NBA Stream to watch their favourite teams play.

NBA stream for Basketball fans
NBA Stream available for free without credit card and subscription

Why the NBA Stream is so costly on television

A lot of people would like to watch NBA. However, the current TV deal running till 2025 cost the broadcasters a whopping $2.66 billion. If you are ESPN or TNT, you would ideally want to recoup that amount. Hence the high cost for the television broadcast of NBA stream across the US.

Why NBA subscription is costly compared to NFL and MLB?

The major difference is age. A lot younger people watch NBA compared to the other major sports leagues in North America. Per Magna Research, the average age of people watching NBA stream or on cable is 42.

– Average age of NFL viewer: 50
– Average age of MLB viewer: 57

The NFL saw a decline of almost ten percent in its viewership from 2016 to 2017. Add to that, the viewers are of higher average age. Naturally, the ad-men of the world are more interested in the NBA. It’s attractiveness increasing two-fold in recent years. This is the primary cause of the increased subscription charges for an NBA stream from TNT or ESPN on the television.

Who provides the official NBA stream to America?

The following broadcasters, with particular arrangement among one another provide coverage for NBA stream on various platforms.


NBA League Pass cost: $199 for league pass, $119 for team pass. Certainly no peanuts. If you want the NBA stream from someone else like ESPN, you will have to pony up their cable subscription fee and an addition $4.5 if you want it on a cell phone.

Come America, and get a free NBA Stream!

Unable to pay 200 bucks to follow the most rapidly growing sports league? If you are a fan of Lakers, the Warriors, the Cavs, the Celtics or even someone else. Get Potato Streams and enjoy live NBA stream for every game. If it’s live, we’ve got it for you.

The catch? It’s free. No subscription.

How will I watch live NBA on this app?

You will get some 24X7 channels within the app, including NBA TV. However, Potato Streams provides it’s users with a dedicated high-quality NBA Stream for each match when it is live. Head over to the live stream section in the app and get your fix of live Basketball, wherever you are.

What you will need: A Cell phone with cellular data or wifi access. Install the app and without any subscription or credit card details you can register and watch all the games for your favorite NBA team. If there are several games at the same time, there will be separate links to all of them. You won’t miss anything with Potato Streams. All games in one place, live and free. No hidden conditions or credit card requirements.

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