Watch NBA Live: Every Game, Every Team, All Season

NBA has the youngest fans in America and every now and then they need to watch NBA Live. The available options include getting a TV subscription for the channels showing these games or to get the NBA League Pass. Neither of which are reasonable or affordable if you are a young man just hoping to catch a game on your way while riding shotgun.

Where do you get to watch NBA Live?

The first port of call can be a good friend’s television set. However, one must acknowledge that not every friend has a television set with a sports package. Also, not everyone has a friend. Now that the best option is out of the way, here are a few ways to watch NBA Live:

  • On any of the devices that support NBA’s official network streaming
  • Looking on Reddit for NBA Streams
  • Potato Streams, the one app for all live streaming sports events

NBA’s official Network Streaming to watch NBA Live

Like a good, honorable American, you’d do well to pay NBA handsomely. It’s just $199.99 for a league pass after all. The annual Team Pass sets you back by a meagre $119.99. The huge discount on account of the fact that you only get one team to follow and watch. The latter covers all 41 home games and an identical number of away games.

Except when it’s blacked out on important fixtures that is: Then you’re on your own. Spend handsomely on a ticket that can go for up to $3000. America! Freedom!

Read further only if you don’t have a meticulously functioning moral compass. It’s pirate territory after all.

Watch NBA Live on Potato Streams for every fixture, all season

Fans in the US and UK have reliably used Potato Streams for watching all sorts of Sports. NBA Stream is the latest addition to the catalogue that has live Boxing (including PPV), NFL and Soccer.

For the app to install properly, you have to allow apps from unknown sources. To do so, open the SETTINGS of your device, scroll down and tap on SECURITY. Scroll down again to find UNKNOWN SOURCES and allow the installation of apps other than the Play Store.

Your phone or tablet will ask you to confirm. Tap on OK to do so.

The cost of Streaming NBA on this app include:

  • A smartphone (which you probably already have)
  • A working internet connection (LTE/Wifi)
  • A cozy place and preferably a few drinks

Once you have all these, just download the app from our website, select the teams you want to follow and every time they play you’ll be notified that the NBA Stream is live on the app. Select any of the streams and watch. The streams are of high quality and stay up longer than anything you’ll scour on the likes of Reddit. The advantages of using Potato Streams:

  • All NBA games stream live, all season long (September to May)
  • Minimal cost incurred to watch live games
  • Reliable streams for various sports
  • News and Updates about your favorite team

Reddit for an NBA Stream

The front page of the Internet is a place for a lot of curious things. One of them is the vast number of streams available for sports such as Football (both American and British). However, the chances of an NBA Stream staying up for the full length of an NBA game are the same as Stephen Curry not being voted to the NBA all-star game.

It is because of the vulnerability of Reddit streams to being taken down mid-game that we can’t recommend them as highly as the official NBA Stream, or our friend and saviour Potato Streams.


  1. Since last update of potato app Aug 19, I have not been able to stream any sports events, which I have been able to do and enjoy previously. Please can you help me to get to live streams again. Thanks.

    October 15, 2019

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