Potato-Man goes gaga about Liverpool star Andy Robertson

Ever since I was a kid, people made sure I knew what a Potato Man I was. Some of them didn’t like me, others I didn’t want to like me. However, I always loved a proper sport. Coming to think of it, there is one young lad I never can forget, he’s Andy Robertson. Today, he is a star and celebrated across lands, especially around Merseyside. There was a time when not many people knew him. He was just a little bloke, with big dreams.

This is a story of how Andy Robertson achieved his dreams. I can’t claim the credit for the success he has had, because that is down to his hard work. I also can not deny that I did my best to ensure he never felt unmotivated. He always had the drive to improve and I just helped him with the support he needed.

People always get excited about young players who come through into the first team. Andy had to literally come a long way to make it at Anfield. He came all the way from the countryside in Scotland to London, before ending up in Liverpool. His hard work never once being stymied. He never stopped playing and running, and in doing that has blown away one too many people.

mourinho andy robertson
Mourinho was left chasing shadows by Andy Robertson

Now that we know how much he has achieved, it is easy to ignore all the hard work he has done. But being Potato-Man, I remember it all clearly. All these years have been unable to cloud my memory of the lad. A friend of mine took some pictures all those years ago, and I feel it is the right time to share it.

potato man and andy robertson

Don’t mistake this as cheap praise. As the Potato Man, I have been blessed with being close to football players for a long time. I have seen people like Kante train from a very young age, even when people hadn’t heard of him. Andy fits in like a sock amongst all of the professional footballers.

Potato-Man will be there to watch Andy Robertson take on Bayern at Anfield, join him with his biggest fan.

I still meet the boy sometimes, it just feels weird to call him a boy now anyway. But this is a boy who is fulfilling all his potential, and there’s nothing more beautiful than watching these boys succeed. If you want to read more stories from my times with Football players, name drop them in the comments and I’ll tell you all about it.

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