Thousands Of Man City Fans In The UK And Ireland Watch Live, Free Football

Man City fixtures are available live and free to be streamed only on the Potato Streams app for android devices without paying anything.

Living in the shadows of Manchester United for a long time, the “noisy neighbour” as they are referred by the men in red, were never given the opportunity to flourish and prosper. For a long time, Man City were disregarded and cast off by the fans and the Clubs all over the world.

Nowadays, “the noisy neighbours” have turned into one of the best Football playing Clubs in the World, widely respected and feared for their beautiful and scintillating game under Pep Guardiola. What a turn of events!

Now, the focus has always been on the old Premier League Clubs Like Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal who have a “history” to show for. In that regard, City is still been mostly ignored and mocked. But what the fans fail to realize is, you’ve got to start somewhere!

The Blue part of the Manchester have started with a bang and are writing their own history currently, thanks to the likes of Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Vincent Kompany, et al.

Still fighting on all the 4 fronts, Manchester City are a current force to reckon with.

With that in mind, Potato Streams have started this campaign to reach as many Man City fans as possible.

There are more than 50k fans in the United Kingdom and Ireland who are already using the Potato Streams Android app to watch the LIVE GAMES of their favourite Football Club for FREE.

The reviews have been positive so far as you can see below:

Fans review of Potato Streams on Facebook page
Fans review of Potato Streams on Facebook page

There are plenty of Man City fans in the UK, Ireland and other countries who have been deprived of watching their club play Live week in week out due to the high subscription rates, which they are unable to afford.

There are also a number of City fans who have to travel or work which forces them to miss the big games they are desperate to watch.

But hey, that’s what we are here for! You can download the apk version of Potato Streams android app (it’s not on play store to evade the FA watchdogs) and watch Man City win trophies while on the go!

Here is the link to download the apk version of the app:

Here is a tutorial video of how to download the app on your Android smartphones, if you are experiencing any kind of problem:

Man City is a club on the rise with an evergrowing fan base and we want to be there for them!

Please share this article and the Potato Streams app with your mates and family who support the Blues and who could do with free online streaming.

P.S. You can download the app now and watch the Champions League and FA Cup games of all the other Premier League (and a few Championship) Clubs. Try the app now. Thanks

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