Watching Premier League games and UCL on a fan favourite app

Potato Streams group recently achieved the milestone of two thousand fans on Facebook, all of them can be found watching Premier League games on weekends and the Champions League/Europa League in midweek.

We are young but growing strong. This is an obligatory blog post to thank every fan: the ones in UK and Ireland who love our football matches or the ones in the United States and Australia who like soccer, but not as much as boxing. Before we hop into the details, we are happy to have helped you all.

What makes Potato Streams important in the times of bans and restrictions?

If you have been visiting these parts of the internet, you know that the Reddit forum for Soccer Streams has been banned. We know that not everyone can pay for every live game. Or sometimes, it’s just one game that we need to catch while we travel or while we are already subscribed to expensive television packages that don’t have a particular channel. Everyone has not got all the channels. Watching League games and the UEFA Champions League becomes free and easy from anywhere with our app.

Especially in football tournaments, the broadcast-rights are scattered across broadcasters. Sky Sports shows Premier League and some games of the Champions League, but BT Sport has been broadcasting the major Champions League fixtures. The arrival of Amazon Prime Football only makes the matter worse.

Fans who live in the United States almost lose their heads figuring out why TNT et al don’t show the Europa League on television. It’s only shown online.

watch league games & UCL live
PotatoMan sharing his infinite wisdom with two blokes!

Some problems need unconventional solutions, and Potato Streams is such a solution. Can’t find Soccer Streams on Reddit? Get them on Potato Streams. Can’t afford PPV boxing? Can’t catch Europa League in America? This android app is the one solution to myriad problems.

What is it like to watch league games, or the Champions League?

We would rather not waste a word describing how good the live football matches on Potato Streams are. Hear it right from the horse’s mouth, and the horse, in this case, happens to be a satisfied and happy one. The fans on Potato Streams are an active lot, engaging in conversations and advocating it’s usefulness in no uncertain terms. Have a look at some user comments:

We definitely have a great bunch of happy users, and nobody can stop you from joining them.

Why you should get Potato Streams?

Well, the shortest answer is that when you need live sports streaming, you get Potato Streams. A lot of other avenues exist, such as:

– The best football streaming sites (, ronaldo7, totalsportek, firstrow sports, etc.)
– Reddit Soccer Streams (banned now)

You may visit these sites and sometimes you may find a few good links. But by the time you find that good link, half the match is already played. Besides, the experience is not easily manoeuvrable on the relatively small screen of your smartphone. Hundreds of pop-up and banner ads get plastered right into your face. In short: not a pleasant or memorable experience.

None of the unpleasantness exists on Potato Streams. The UI has been kept simple for ease of use and ads never hamper your match viewing experience. Once the app is on your phone, you get notifications for live events so you don’t miss them for a second. Finding your live event is as easy as counting one two three.

Also, all other live streaming locations keep changing or being banned. Potato Streams is available freely as an APK and can be downloaded from any web browser at any time. It’s not possible to block something shared as an APK. So we have ensured that you can get Potato Streams anytime and watch any match live.

Nothing is more convenient than watching Premier League games on Potato Streams. As a bonus, there are the big games like El Clasico, Juventus matches for Ronaldo fans and you can make a streaming request from within the app. It’s a complete experience. You don’t have to go anywhere for your live football needs.

So what are you waiting for? Google for Potato Streams and download or get the apk from our homepage. If you run into problems, join our Facebook group and we are fast & happy to help.


  1. John McKenna said:

    Sounds good thanks

    February 27, 2019
  2. I have never had any good live streaming on my phone before so it eould be good to be able to see football on my phone.

    March 6, 2019

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