Who is Potatoman and how he help fans with free online streams

Since time unknown, Sports fans have been using free online streams to watch their favourite team/club kick the hell out of their oppositions. Various free online streams have come and gone over the years, but none have been quite as impressive as Potato Streams.

But, do you know the story behind how free online streaming started? Who was the creator of this wonderful work of art and what is the Potatoman’s history?

Through the help of our journalist Bastian Schweinsthöjhgküjfgner, we have uncovered the deep secrets behind this whole streaming mystery and we are going to share all the answers with you tonight. Here’s how it goes:

The free online streaming dates back to the Roman Empire when the rights to all the Gladiator fighting events were owned by the Sky Sports to be streamed in the entire world.

However, since the subscriptions rate were too golden and peasants were unable to dish out that kind of shillings, not to mention, the ticket rates were over the roof and lootings and murders were not so illegal, the general public would mostly sit back in their huts, bereaved of the main fighting events, much to their disappointments.

The gambling was almost non-existent, banters were few and far and there was no fan base to bring joy into the boring, tedious life of the masses.

But as they say, necessity is the root of all mothers. A young and visionary Jewish man understood this issue and saw a big opportunity to capitalize on the problem and change the online sporting world for good.

This young man, through the use of his superior intelligence and knowledge, created the first free online streaming website by hacking into the Sky Sports servers and distributed the game links among the peasants FOR FREE.

Going by the name of Jesus Christ, this man was hailed by everyone as THE GOD or The Son of God for providing poor people with free sporting events from all over the world.

Soon, banters flourished, the gamblings prospered, while Jesus kept preaching the perks of free streaming in the clubs and bars for peasants who were too poor to pay for the astronomical subscription fee.

The news traveled like fire and soon reached the high command of Sky and the FA who managed and regulated the whole Gladiators League. The big bosses were not happy of course after their tv ratings went down and they decided to capture the young man and crucify him on a cross.

However, the death of Jesus Christ was not futile as the young man had already written a book on the art of free online streaming which has been passed on by the generations until it reached the Potatoman.

Now, Potatoman, the offspring of Christ himself has taken an oath to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Through the knowledge gained by the book, he has created Potato Streams, one app to stream them all!

Whether you are a fan living in the UK (or any other country), interested in watching Football, Cricket, F1, WWE, Boxing, etc. the Potatoman, through the Potato Streams app has got it all covered.

Of course, there’s still the big issue of the FA and Sky circling around the perimeters, waiting to latch on to Potatoman, but according to our journalist Bastian Schweinsthöjhgküjfgner, Potatoman has got it all covered by dishing out the apk version of the app to keep the watchdogs away.

All you have got to do now is download the apk, the steps have been explained in this video below:

Here are the recent pics of Potatoman visiting and helping the troubled fans over streaming issues:

Potatoman helping 2 poor blokes with 3PM Kickoffs

Potatoman helping 2 drunks by turning water into wine

Potatoman has made it his mission to help the fans to watch their favorite sporting events without paying any money.

Of course, he will need your help, so please share articles with your friend and family, who could do with free online streams. Amen!

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