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Well, the 2018-19 season is coming to a close. Only 8 games remain on the fixtures list for most Premier League teams. Watch every team play live on Potato Streams as it becomes a matter of life and death at both ends of the table. You can’t help but watch the last PL games of the team you love.

2018-19 season’s last PL games: What’s at stake?

Manchester City have a 1 point lead at the top over Liverpool, but even the smallest of mistakes will lead to the Reds lifting a League trophy for the first time since forever.

In the middle, where the likes of Leicester City, Everton and Newcastle United reside, the battle is about swapping places and earning a few extra million pounds in PL prize money.

At the bottom, well, it’s a battle for life and death. Huddersfield and Fulham are beyond saving, while Cardiff do have a few breaths left in them. But you can’t say with certainty that Burnley will give up on another unlikely survival.

Another major talking point is the race for the Champions League spots, fought amongst the trailing league challengers, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea. Tottenham, if they Spur it up will be in the mix as well.

Where to watch the last of PL games this season

Watch every game by downloading the app
Exciting stuff coming up then, won’t you say? It’s for this reason that fans are glued to Potato Streams every matchday. They watch every game, whether the team they support is Liverpool and fighting for the title, or Burnley, fighting for survival.

It is the time when fates are decided. Will this be our year? Will we play in the UCL? Will we be relegated? The only way to get these queries answered is to install Potato Streams and watch the all of the last PL games of the 2018-19 season. Of which there are 8 per team at best. No time to waste, no game to miss.

This weekend of 16-17 March, the Premier League games are limited due to some fixtures being postponed. There is still plenty of games for fans to enjoy, especially for fans of Liverpool and Chelsea.

The Scousers travel to London, to begin the end of their season. Fulham, the almost relegated club await a good mauling. Liverpool can’t afford any ‘slips’ as they seek to take the run-in for the title to the last day. Hope, of all things, dies last after all. Especially when you have been hoping for a good quarter of a century.

Chelsea have a game in hand over all the teams above them, but will only be able to leapfrog two at best, if at all. To do that, they have to win all the remaining games, starting with the next one against Everton at Merseyside.

Teams in action on the weekend of March 16-17:

West Ham United vs Huddersfield Town, Burnley vs Leicester City, Bournemouth vs Newcastle United, Fulham vs Liverpool, Everton vs Chelsea.

Oh, and if you have any hopes that maybe Fulham have a miracle scripted: they play Manchester City in the next round. Talk about Rotten luck.

Every football fan waits for this time of the year. It’s when destinies are decided and set in stone. Like they already are for Huddersfield Town, or how they will be for one of Manchester City or Liverpool. It just can’t be missed. So why not catch all of the last PL games for free on a single app. Download it today!

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