Should you watch live football on tv or stream football games

There are almost a dozen tv channels that are vying for eyeballs to show live football on tv, having secured costly television rights for football tournaments. The number of competitions at both club and country level doesn’t help with the scattergun approach of rights auction. A better option for football fans is the stream football games online for free using our Potato Streams android app.

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No doubt that watching live football on television is becoming a costly affair and hence some people look to stream football online, and why shouldn’t they if they can save a few bucks here and there. You should ideally decide what packages to get for the television beforehand so that you don’t miss your favourite football games.

Why watch live football on tv when you can stream football for free?

How to decide when to watch live football on tv or stream these games online for free?

Potato Streams is a live sports streaming app which was made because we knew that it is not possible to subscribe to all the different sports channels. Some of these competitions are more important than others. You should subscribe to the channels that most frequently show your favourite team and stream the rest of football on Potato Streams. Here’s a list of broadcasters for you to consider subscribing:

FIFA Club World Cup- on facebook
UEFA Club competitions- BT Sport
Premier League- Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon, BBC
Football League- Sky Sports
FA Cup- BBC, BT Sport
SPFL- Sky Sports, BT Sport
Bundesliga- BT Sport
Serie A- Eleven Sports Network
League 1- BT Sport
La Liga- Eleven Sports Network

So, there are about half a dozen sports networks with rights to various popular club football events using which a fan can watch live football on tv. It is simply not wise to spend the money on all of these. So pick the ones most important to you and pay for them to watch live football on tv. However, you can stream football on Potato Streams regardless of the broadcaster, always. This will especially be useful for the channels you don’t want to pay for, ones that are simply very expensive.

Other situations where you may want to stream football over watching it live on TV

In addition to the cost being a barrier, sometimes life gets in the way of football. The action stops for nothing and nobody. In such situations, Potato Streams can be a handy app to have in your phone and to watch football streams when you have to drive mom to her friends’ or take the wife shopping on holidays.

If you are away from your television set but all your attention stays back with it, you can stream football right to your phone without paying any subscription charges. All you need to do is get this app. Save money, enjoy anywhere! All the live football on tv is also available in this one app.