NFL Streams: Watch Your Favourite NFL Team Live

It doesn’t matter which of the 32 teams you support and in what division they play. If you follow an NFL team and want to watch live NFL streams for their games, get Potato Streams. The app is available on both Android and iOS, available for a free download. No subscription charges.

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NFL streams for all 32 teams only on Potato Streams. Get the app today!

Do you cover all of the NFL on your streams?

Potato Streams has live sports streaming for the most popular games across the US and UK. Whether you follow the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, LA Rams or any of the other 32 teams, you can watch NFL streams for live games with the app.

The NFL was the most watched sports league in the world in 2013; however things may have changed since. The total viewership in 2014 was more than 200 million. Many people want to watch the game live and to help our users in the US, and we will cover everything from the preseason games to the super bowl. No matter what division the team belongs to, it will have live NFL streams with Potato Streams.

Should I get your NFL streams over the NFL league pass?

If you can afford the league pass for NFL season, get it. The official subscription entitles you to various features like watching on all devices, full match replays, etc. However, we know that watching on demand with such a subscription for the entire season can be hard on your pocket.

Potato Streams is here to save that pocket of yours from getting a hole burnt into it. You may not get full match replays on Potato Streams, but you will be guaranteed NFL streams for live games of your favorite team. Whenever they play, whoever they play.

Where can I access these NFL streams?

On your phone. Download the apk to your android phone or head over to the app store for iOS where the app is called ‘Midfield’. Once installed select the favorite team you want to follow and you are set. You will get the latest news, updates, fixtures, etc. in addition to the NFL streams that are life for each game.

What use are your NFL streams if I have it on TV already

We bet you are sometimes caught in traffic. Sometimes your wife wants to go dining on weekends. Sometimes you are caught up with overtime at the office. You get the idea, sometimes the TV is there, but you are away. It is for these times that having Potato Streams on your phone is a godsend.

All you need is a working data connection or wifi, and you will be able to watch NFL streams without having to pay anything. No matter where you go, open Potato Streams and start watching.

Is NFL the only game I can watch?

No. You get the whole coterie of North American sports: the NFL, NBA and NHL. Boxing and Soccer are also available. We try to make streams available for the most popular games in the US and UK. NFL is the biggest sport in North America and therefore, we pay particular attention to providing users with high quality, reliable NFL streams.

You will no longer have to search for streams if you don’t have a game pass. Just get Potato Streams and start watching live games. Free.